Is there a version available for iPhone, Windows Mobile or Blackberry?
At this time we only have the Android version available. We are working to support the other platforms as well but there are no release dates set yet.

I have an Android phone but it does not have a built in GPS. Can I still use the app?
Yes it is possible. However, the registration of the start and end location may not be precise enough for your needs. The precision depends on many factors such as the area that you are in and which network provider that you use. You could give it a try but you might consider either upgrading your device for a model with a GPS receiver.

I like your application but I am worried about my privacy. Will you be able to see where I have been?
Yes we can... but we won't, really. First of all, we do not share any of the data that is submitted with anyone. Second, the recorded information is stored in a secured database and we take every precaution to make sure it stays there and can be viewed by you and you alone. However, it is important to realize that every online system is vulnerable in some way and with enough resources, can be broken into. So, if your personal location is really important to you, perhaps even life threatening, please consider using the application offline.

I still don't like the idea of uploading my location. Can I use the application without using the site?
Yes, uploading the recorded trips to the website is optional. All recorded trips are stored on the device and can be exported to a csv file. Ofcourse, we still hope you will consider using our site. You can always register later at any time.